Our fleet consists of 2 PIPER PA-38 TOMAHAWK aircraft and 2 VIPER SD-4 aircraft. All aircraft are insured, certified and subject to CAMO.

Viper SD-4 is a two-seat low-wing monoplane with glass cockpit avionics. It is equipped with electrically controlled, 3-position flaps, electric elevator and aileron trimmer, and the BRS rescue system. Above-average flight characteristics and state-of-the-art equipment make the Viper SD-4 an excellent choice as an aircraft for basic and advanced training, raid construction and recreational flights, as well as towing gliders weighing up to 750 kg. Spacious, modernly equipped aircraft cabin provides high comfort of flight and fantastic visibility.

Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk is an excellent-to-fly two-seat low-wing monoplane designed with the thought of training future generations of pilots. During the design process, numerous observations of experienced flight instructors were taken into account, which resulted in the creation of an aircraft with a durable, proven structure and exceptional flight characteristics. The aircraft is certified for night flights and for intentional spins. All this makes the Piper PA-38 Tomahawk one of the trainers most often chosen by students and instructors.



It all started with him! SP-IER was the first training aircraft in the NOBLE WINGS ACADEMY fleet. Piper Tomahawk 2nd Improved Production Series. Loved by students and pilots gaining experience before training for a professional license. Thanks to the PA-38, we are able to legally conduct instructor training, during which we teach candidates the procedures for recovering the aircraft from the full phase of spin.



The exotic registration is an inheritance from years spent at the training center in Portoroz, Slovenia. Purchased by us 3 years ago to reinforce the PA-38 fleet, it originally belonged to the FINNAIR pilot school. It is equipped with a modified and strengthened engine and a propeller for better performance during climb. Together with SP-IER, it forms the core of the training fleet of PA-38 aircraft capable of flying during the day and according to VFR NIGHT regulations.



The first VIPER SD-4 RTC aircraft in Poland, which is a certified version of the extremely popular training aircraft in Europe. A solid construction supported by modern avionics “glass cockpit” is undoubtedly a breath of modernity in our facility. Due to the very correct flight characteristics, one of the most comfortable cabins in its class, as well as ease and low maintenance costs, the VIPER SD-4 was chosen as the basic training aircraft of NWA and their fleet will be successively expanded.



After analyzing the operation of our first VIPER (SP-TCH), we decided to introduce a second copy of this type to training operations. SP-ZPI is a development version of Viper. It is characterized by a more ergonomic arrangement of switches in the cockpit and quieter engine operation due to the modification of the exhaust system. The cooling system has also been modified, thanks to which the aircraft warms up easier and faster in winter conditions.

Both copies invariably have the emergency ballistic system IN STANDARD!